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Fainting Goats

When I first saw these adorable fainting goats, I could not get enough! In general I just really love goats anyway; I really don’t k now what it is about them in particular, but I think they are just some of the cutest...

Farm Animals

Happy Cows

I don’t know what it is about cows, but they always make me smile and I can’t help but say, “Moo!” Only it’s usually not just a short little “moo”, I feel like I should make it as...

Farm Animals

Goat Bleats

These crazy goats are hilarious. I wasn’t aware they were capable of making such sounds until I saw this. It gives me a whole new respect for the funky looking things. Any animal that can sound so very human is a thing of...

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Goat and Tiger, Friends?

In watching this video the popular song “What’s Wrong with Being Confident” came to mind. Maybe Demi Lovato was on to something. As this video quickly answers the question, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being...