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Farm Animals

Totally Relaxed Horses

When I think of horses, I think of majestic beasts gracefully running through a meadow, their shining manes flowing freely in the wind. This hilarious video puts horses in whole new light, peacefully snoring and yes, farting...

Farm Animals

Gentle Giant- The Clydesdale

This poor donkey! He is clearly a little terrified of this giant “thing” coming on his turf. He is trying with all his little might to put that horse in his place. What this little donkey doesn’t know is that Clydesdale...

Farm Animals

Funny Little Fainting Goats

Myotonic  goats. Not sure what that is? They are also referred to as fainting goats or Tennessee fainting goats. Why Tennessee you may ask? Well, they first appeared back in the 1880’s when a worker named John Tinsley brought...

Farm Animals

Crazy Geese

Man, this goose really seems to have some sort of vendetta against that poor dog. I’m not exactly sure what poochie did to cause this type of aggressive reaction, but I have a pretty good idea. Crazy Geese Geese are...

Farm Animals

Pygmy Goats Happy Dance

  Every time I see a video of these cute little goats I cannot stop laughing. The way they hop around, run and bounce off things, and just the overall cheerfulness they seem to exhibit. It instantly brings a smile to...

Farm Animals

Britain’s Smallest Steed

This little guy named Acer has become quite a celebrity, not only does he have nearly 5 million views on YouTube, he (or a horse that looks exactly like him) has recently starred in his own commercial for Amazon Prime. Although...