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Cat Island

I know a guy who as 20 cats, and I have always imagined his house looks something like this! With cats roaming around literally everywhere, this place is either nightmare or a dream come true. For me it is definitely the...


Cats Demanding Attention

Oh, the undivided attention of a needy kitty. Either they want nothing to do with you, or they won’t stop until they are sufficiently snuggled. There really isn’t much of an in between. Usually, cats are pretty even...

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Koko and Her Kitties

The first time I ever heard about Koko, it was in reference to her and her kitties. I remember thinking about how incredible it was, that a gorilla had the mental capacity to understand the relationship between a human and a pet...


Fat Cats

After the holidays I can certainly relate to these over sized roly poly felines! I have to say the extra “fluff” looks a heck of a lot cuter on these adorable cats, then it does around my midline. There has always been...


Cats and Water

I have always wondered why it was, that some cats absolutely despise water for anything other than drinking, while others just can’t seem to get enough of it. I decided it was worth looking into, so here is what I found...


The Many Sounds of Cats

I have been around many, many felines in my day and I have never heard some of the absurd sounds these crazy fur balls make! I challenge you to play just the audio for a friend and see if they can guess the animal making each...