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Cat Playing With Dolphins


There are so many things that I absolutely adore about this video! First of all there is a cat totally kickin’ and relaxing on a boat. Second, there is a dolphin swimming up to the side of the boat and interacting with those on board. And finally, the dolphin and the cat are totally playing with each other and having an awesome time doing it. It’s nature at its most wondrous; two gentle creatures enjoying the simple things in life.

There is no doubt that dolphins have been captivating humans since the earliest of times. Not only are these sea creatures beautiful with friendly eyes and a permanent smile, but their personalities are complex and offer a variety of playfulness, friendless and intelligence. These animals have been a common figure in Greek mythology, literature and art. There is truly something wonderful and unique about these beauties of the sea.

It’s no wonder why we are drawn to these complex creatures. Dolphins are problem solvers, capable of imitation and memorization. They have proven they are experts at performing elaborate tasks; they have shown they are able to demonstrate foresight and learn from observation. There have even been documented cases of dolphins coming to the rescue and saving people from drowning.


Sadly, the love of the dolphin is being exploited. Dolphins are captured and used for entertainment. Dolphins are so distraught in captivity they have been known to commit suicide by starvation, ramming against walls or even drowning themselves. There are well over 40 shows world wide showcasing them today. The US navy has used dolphins for many missions. Dolphins are trained as underwater messengers; they have served as an underwater search and rescue crew by saving scuba divers and protecting them from sharks. The worst is they have even been used in kamikaze missions, to locate and destroy submarines.

This video showcases the simplistic beauty of two loving creatures enjoying an innocent interaction. It is my sincere hope that one day all animals will be treated with the love and compassion they deserve, and their exploitation will end. It has always been a dream of mine to swim with the dolphins, and maybe if I ever get the chance I will bring my cat.

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