Cat Loving His Horse

Written by Keenan Angel

This reminds me of a scene I’ve seen before. Something along the lines of Puss n’ Boots. Cat and horse start off as sworn enemies. They’ve waged many wars against each other and for centuries have fought on the battlefield. The horse was always victorious because of it’s size and unrelenting strength. Many horse and feline lives had fallen at the price of being superior. They’ve been lost while trying to reign supreme. That was until a little cat came along. He didn’t seem like he would grow up to be much. He was always small and didn’t develop as fast as other cats. Deep down, this cat knew he was meant for more. He knew that one day he would be king among his fellow kind. He traveled the lands on his own for many years. Learning from fellow soldiers he met along the way. Finally he returned to his home. He came back to a land that had long forgotten him. A land that didn’t look how he had left it. This cat was now known as Puss n’ Boots. He came home and saw that the horses had completely taken over every piece of land. The cats now obeyed them. Puss brought war down among the horses. He clawed, scratched, and slashed at every one of them. Until he came to the King Horse. They fought for what seemed like hours. Finally, the battle came to an end. Neither one of them had died. They had come to an agreement. A truce had been formed. It was silly to be fighting over petty things. The horse and the cat brought up an agreement. They formed a life long, lasting friendship and it has continued that way ever since. The cat and the horse now share an unmatched love.


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