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Burrito Bats


I think we can all agree bats are well, they’re scary, to say the least. That has been the common conception that everyone has been fed. Going along with any scary movie that comes to mind and specifically, vampire related. Bats have scrawny bodies and gnarly looking claws. Swooping down from the skies and circling around their prey. It’s easy to see why these cute little animals never receive good remarks. Blood thirsty, disease carrying and unclean little hellions. They have long been at the bottom of the good chain of loving mammals. Little do most people know these animals are far from any stereotypical thinking.

These poor little baby bats, or often times referred to as pups, lost their mother in a few heat accident. Left for dead and unable to survive on their own. They were taken in and swaddled up like little burritos. Having to be fed by hand and nursed back to health. So if these cute little burritos aren’t terrifying as the horror tales would have you to believe, what good do they bring?

Bats are one of the most beneficial animals in aiding against insects. Sticking to more warm climates, they’re typically found in forests, cities or even farmlands. Being nocturnal animals they do most of their scavenging and hunting at night. The term “blind as a bat” doesn’t contain much truth behind it. Bats eyesight is actually quite remarkable, during the day. The problem is they’re awake during the night. These little creatures rely on high pitched squeals to guide them through the air, also known as “Ultrasounds”. Using “echolocation” they bounce sounds off of objects to help guide where they are going. When bats fly they’ll catch insects and eat them in the air. They have the best hearing of all mammals. With dumbo ears hanging off their heads, how could they not have incredible hearing?


With over 900 different species of bats ranging from micro bats to mega bats, they aren’t going away any time soon. So hopefully this article has helped clear up any confusion and sway some people into loving bats. Give those big eared, burrito swaddled babies, a chance.


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