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I think rabbits are adorable when they are simply just sitting there twitching their sweet little pink noses or nibbling up a long piece of grass. Now I see these adorable long eared fur balls are actually competing in jumping contests. I think a cuteness bomb just exploded! I’m wondering how I didn’t know this was in existence before. Modeled after horse jumping, rabbit jumping is its miniature cuter equivalent.

We can thank the Swedes for starting this jumping event back in 1970. The sport gained popularity throughout Sweden in the 1990s then Norway “hopped” on board the bunny wagon. One could even say the craze multiplied like rabbits, because by 2004 it had spread throughout Europe and over to America.

You may see several different types of courses used for rabbit games. Some are to test agility and some are to test jumping skills. An official jumping course consists of a high jump and a long jump. Rabbits have extremely powerful hind legs which can propel them to jump up to one meter high and up to three meters long. Courses are divided into 5 levels, starting with an easy introductory course that advances in difficulty. Rabbits earn points for completing levels and points are deducted for faults (such has knocking down a rail).


There is no discrimination in the rabbit games, all breeds are allowed to compete. The ideal jumping rabbit will have long legs and long back; this body type is ideal to see over long obstacles and correctly judge the height or length in order to get over. Similarly to the way show dogs are bred, breeding rabbits to compete is common, especially in Scandinavia where rabbit show jumping has a strong base.

With an event as cute as this, I can only hope the trend continues. Maybe one day it will make it on the same level as the puppy and kitty bowls that air the same day as the Super Bowl.



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