Break Dancing Gorilla


Can I get a woot woot? Can I get a hell yeah? What about a moonwalk, Michael Jackson dance move, with a tip of the hat? Okay, maybe all of that is a little too much to be asking from a gorilla. This Break Dancing Gorilla does have some wicked moves though. If only he had some tap shoes on. He’d give a wicked tap dance and put some of the best in the world to shame. Wait then he breaks out in spinning dance moves? What is it that this monkey can’t do? Someone should get him an audition for dancing with the stars.

Gorilla’s are closely related to humans. Their DNA matches 98% of human DNA. This could explain the human like traits and wanting to break out in song and dance. I know I like to snap my fingers, slap my knee and bob my head when I hear a good song come over the radio. I think some of these apes just like to throw jungle dance parties. They like to party just like anyone else. Let loose every now and then. Can’t be all baby kidnapping and poop throwing stunts all of the time.

This gorilla does need a larger dance floor though. It’s just far too small in there to get any real impressive moves in. The best he can do is a small two step dance and even that isn’t very much. Anyone can two step or slow dance. I think those are the two easiest dance moves ever created. He needs room to pop and lock and to the robot. That’s where the real money lies. They need a good dance name though. His group would be called the Shuck and Jiving Rilla’s. If that doesn’t sound like Vegas worthy show I don’t know what does.


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