Brave Ben


Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between the good guys and the bad guys. For the most part animals try to steer clear of humans. When you’re an African bull elephant carrying around ivory there is a constant threat of poachers. These poachers attack bull elephants, harvest their tusks, and sell them on the black market. With danger around every corner it’s no surprise that elephants will continue to steer clear of any humans that it may encounter. That’s why a certain bull elephant who walked up to an animal hospital was a surprise to everyone watching.

Bumi Hills Safari Lodge in Zimbabwe helps all kinds of animals in the area. They have the equipment to travel and help safari animals in distress. But in the case of Ben the bull elephant they did not have to go far. It was a curious site when Ben showed up to the lodge, but it did not take long to see why Ben made this daring decision. He had been attacked by poachers and was badly injured. He sustained a deep wound to his shoulder. He also sustained two bullet holes in one of his ears. Ben had a run in with some humans who intended to kill and take his tusks. Ben was able to escape with his ivory and his life. Then he was able to make it to the safari lodge in Zimbabwe.

After such an event it’s hard to believe Ben would seek out another human. He found the right group of people and a veterinarian was able to sedate and treat Ben. Ben understood that not all humans were bad, but he still had to show a lot of bravery. Ben is healing properly and when he goes back to his family he will have a tracking device to make sure he stays healthy.


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