Bears and a Balloon


We all know that when someone is having a bad day, giving them a balloon is very likely to make it a little bit brighter. But balloons aren’t just for bad days, they’re also given on special days and for a variety of other reasons. Often, balloons are accompanied by flowers or a little teddy bear. Why is it that bears and balloons just seem to go together?

My guess is that someone, somewhere, saw a real bear playing with a balloon. Perhaps it was a situation similar to that in this video. They ooh’d and aww’d, laughing in between and left with a big genuine smile on their face. Maybe even walking away thinking, “Bears and balloons . . . who knew?” It’s possible that this thought was the beginning of a grand sales adventure. Someone who wanted to replicate the way they felt when seeing a live bear play with a balloon, but without the sad ending of the bear popping the balloon.

What’s better than watching a bear play with a balloon? Watching someone you love receive a gift that makes them feel the way you feel when you watch bears play with a balloon. That type of feeling that just lights up a person’s face and you can visibly see the happiness that you just caused them. That’s what balloons do to people. Teddy bears just seem to be an added bonus.


I’m not really sure if these bears are genuinely happy to be playing with a balloon, but they sure do look interested in it. So, a balloon may not have the same effect on a bear as it does on a human. Maybe if it was accompanied by a stuffed human doll for them to snuggle with while playing with the balloon, then there would be an even greater reaction.


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