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Bearded dragons are the most popular pet choice among people seeking a reptilian companion. This is most likely due to their calm and gentle nature. They are also great with kids, which probably greatly adds to the popularity factor among families.

A Little More on Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons are usually a brown or sandy color with varying neutral colored markings. This brownish color theme is due to their natural desert habitat, allowing them to blend into their surroundings. Although, any of the bearded dragons that you are likely to come across have been captive bred.

Bearded dragons also change color when regulating their internal body temperature. If beardie is basking in the sun and he’s already reached his perfect warmth level, then he’s likely to turn a lighter shade to reflect the sun. If he’s still a little chilly, he’ll probably turn a darker color in order to absorb more heat.


Male bearded dragons generally have a darker beard area than females. Although when they get stressed out or upset, both males and females will acquire dark black beards.

Now that we’re on the subject of beards, I’d like to mention the reason they are called bearded dragons. Both males and females have a pouch like area under their necks that is covered in spiky projections, giving them that bearded look.

Even though bearded dragons are the most popular lizard pet and are relatively easy to care for, they do require a certain type of habitat arrangement. They need to have an ultraviolet light, without it they will not be able to make the vitamin D required to absorb the calcium from their food. Therefore, they will draw it out of their bones instead, making beardy’s bones very fragile.

They will also need to have the appropriate temperatures at all times in their little home. They need to be able to warm up and cool down when needed. Having one end of the habitat around 90 degrees and the other somewhere around 70 should do the trick.

Water and moisture are important for the bearded dragon as well. They require a bowl of water to drink or sit in. If their water bowl doesn’t double as a swimming pool then you will probably need to mist your beardie daily. Keeping the skin moistened daily allows the bearded dragon to properly shed it’s skin.

I haven’t even mentioned what bearded dragons like to eat. This is partly because the list varies greatly with the age of your scaly friend, but also because it is very important to research all of these things before acquiring any type of pet that you have not previously had the pleasure of living with. Just because an animal is a popular pet choice for others, it doesn’t mean this pet is the right choice for you. Do the right thing, educate yourself. Do it for the animal you are thinking about adopting into your family.

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