Bangal Cat Showing Dogs Who’s Boss


Bengals are cats with a unique and exotic look. They were bred because people wanted to have wild cats, without the danger. They were created by mixing Asian Leopard Cats with our domestic cats, giving us amazing looking house cats.

Bengals make great pets! They can be a lot of fun – they are very playful and full of energy. They are constantly moving and exploring their surroundings. They also enjoy climbing and being outside. Many owners build outdoor play areas to allow their cats to safely explore outside and bird watch.

Bengals make great pets because they love attention. They enjoy playing with their owners. Many can be leash trained and enjoy walks. They will do anything to get your attention – even things that you don’t want them to do, just so you pick them up and move them!


Bengals are also good pets because they get along with everyone! They enjoy their owners and are great with children, as long as they can get away from them when they have had enough. They enjoy playing– they could play all day long.

They also enjoy other pets. It is really important to give them time to get to know other pets but, once they warm up, they will be playmates for life. They love the attention that they get from other pets, as well as the entertainment. They enjoy playing with others and can be occupied for hours.

Due to their friendly nature, most breeders raise their Bengals in groups so that the kittens are well-adjusted to other kittens and cats.

It is actually recommended to get your Bengal a playmate so that he or she has someone to entertain them. When left alone too long (and with no distractions), they can get quite destructive trying to entertain themselves.

Overall, Bengals make great pets. They are loving and full of energy. They bring smiles to everyone who meets them because they are so friendly and playful!


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