Baby Pangolin


AAAAWWWW!! Now if this isn’t the cutest, yet funniest looking animal you have ever seen.

Learn More About a Pangolin

This little guy is a Pangolin. He is also known as a scaly anteater. These creatures usually prefer to live in areas that have sandy soil, but are still close to water. They are mainly found in the Southern, Central, and East Africa.

They get their name from a Malay word “Pengguling”, which means “something that rolls up”.  It might be hard to see from this video, but their bodies are covered with a thick, hard, scaly substance called Keratin. When the pangolin is a baby (like this one shown) the scales are soft. However, as this little guy grows his scales thicken and become so hard that some cultures have used their scales as cloaks of armor to wear into battle. This helps the Pangolin stay safe from predators, as he can roll up into a ball when he fears he is in danger and the predator wouldn’t be able to penetrate this skin.


The Pangolin is endangered for many reasons, such as there were poachers hunting them for their valuable scales and deforestation. However, another interesting fact as to why they are becoming so rare is that they are believed to be magical creatures. It is said that mixing their scales with the bark of special trees will neutralize witchcraft and evil spirits. If these scales are buried near a man’s door, these scales will give an interested women power over him.

The scales have also been burned around villages or camp sites to keep out predators like lions or other wild animals. Some poor pangolins were also sacrificed for rainmaking ceremonies.

To me is seems apparent that there is definitely something special about these little guys, whether it be making rain, controlling your man, warding off witchcraft, or the wonder you feel when you are just watching these cute little animals as they learn to take their first steps.


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