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Baby Monkey Riding on a Pig


If you’ve seen the hit TV show called “Derek” then you’ve definitely seen this video, and if you’re like me the song was probably stuck in your head for longer than you’d like to admit. This video has gained some serious traction, at the point of this writing it’s almost up to 23 million views. It’s become so popular that they’ve started creating T-shirts, keychains and other “riding backwards on a pig products.” Not only that, but they’ve created a smartphone application for it called “baby monkey (going backwards on a pig)”. A book has also been made about the adorable pair.

The baby pig in this video’s name is Miwa, and the baby boar is named Uribo. This pair came from the Fukuchiyama City Zoo, and the songwriters name was Parry Gripp.

The story of how this cute coupling happened was when Miwa was desperate for a piggy back ride, but her mother was nowhere to be found. So instead of waiting around for mom, Miwa decided to get a piggy back ride from a real pig. While crying for her mother a local vet heard her and paired her with Uribo, and the couple made a great pair. They now live together in their own enclosed area in Fukuchiyama City, Japan.


Difference Between a Pig and a Boar

One thing that this video made me question, when the song says “riding on a pig”. But many sources say that Uribo, isn’t a pig, he’s a boar. So what is the difference between a pig and a boar?

Well, not a lot. A pig, is a term that denotes the species, there are 10 different types of pigs in the world. So in actuality a boar is a pig; however, the word boar has been mainly used to refer to non-domesticated pigs. The word pig is used for the more domesticated animals that usually live on a farm and not in the forest.

The real difference between the two is in the fur and the family jewels. The fur of a wild boar is usually more dark grey, brown and black that has stiff bristles and fine hair (making it easier for Miwa to hold on to). A boar is a male swine that has not been castrated yet, so he is ready for breeding. Where a pig is considered a young, domesticated swine that is not ready for breeding.

So now that you know the whole story you can hum that song in your head with pride.


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