Baby Bear Rescue


It’s such a marvelous thing to co-exist with so many enchanting animals. I love watching them in their natural habitat, just doing what they were born to do. There’s meant to be some separation between us, though, for our safety and for theirs. Our worlds do frequently collide and the majority of the time it’s due to the curiosity that animals harbor for us humans and our things. I like to think that animals are just as amused by us as we are of them. That may not be true, but for the most part we co-exist peacefully and often take care of each other.

The videos of animal rescue are the ones that directly touch my heart. It takes a certain type of person who is willing to risk their own safety in order to help a wild animal in need. Seeing it and calling for help is at least doing something. The animal may no longer be in the same area by the time help arrives, but at least it was an effort. The ones who take action and get involved in the rescue are the true hero’s.

This one guy is out there trying to catch that poor, confused, baby bear. (Which sorta makes me want to tell the person with the camera to put it down and help.) But he doesn’t give up, that’s what I admire the most. He sees this bear that’s stuck and knows that something has to be done or the bear will likely perish. Unfortunately, he is but one guy and the bear was really stuck and really scared.


The video sort of tells the story of how humans can be the cause of great misery (such as a bear stuck in a human’s bucket), and one human can start something that will make a difference. Only, one person is rarely ever enough to make a change. But often, when others see that the cause is just, they will join in to help. It’s the collective effort of many, who enable the change to happen.


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