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There have been so many app frog games over the years. They have ranged from leap frog at the school playground, which transformed into a game in the technological world and now it’s reverted back to a game played with a real frog. Wait…what?! A game on a phone with a real frog? Yes, you read, and if I had been talking, would of heard that correctly. In my honest opinion this might just be a good joke. I also think that this frog might be smart or it’s a stroke of luck that it knows that these flies are going across a phone screen. Either way it is entertaining and a little bit impressive.

Interesting that the frog has the patience to sit there and take out each fly as it rolls across the screen. It is interesting that he’s able to recognize each fly that comes across and hit it with almost pin-point accuracy. You would think that he wouldn’t have the care or the notice to worry about flies on a screen. Either that or he would find out after the first few that these flies weren’t real and he would give up on the game. That’s not the case here. The frog just keeps on plowing right along. One fly after another.

The real moral of the story here, is if the frog isn’t done playing, don’t take the game away. Otherwise, you’re going to end up in a Chinese death frog jaw clamp and could very well take your finger off for interrupting his game. I mean the poor guy was almost at a high score and then you go and screw it all up. So if you’re playing a game with a real frog, tread lightly! You may end up losing a body part.


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