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Animals Acting Like Humans


There are a lot of animals out there that actually do have a few things in common with humans. We all share basic traits, as humans, that make up who we are. It just so happens that some animals share a few of these.

A Few Ways Animals are Similar to Humans

Language is something that we have in common with many different species. The ability to communicate amongst ourselves and occasionally with each other. Although, in most cases we don’t share the same language. There are animals capable of comprehending what we say, and in some instances, can even respond. Some primates can communicate with sign language. There are other animals out there who can mimic our language, without comprehension. Parrots and other talking birds are an example. Although it’s debatable, that even they may be able to understand a little of what they say.


Another thing we share are our emotions. Many animals are capable of a wide range of feelings. Elephants and dolphins experience both grief and joy. Cats and dogs can be anywhere from scared to ecstatic and nearly everything in between. Even reptiles show a certain type of curiosity.

Our ability to store memories, is another similarity. Dogs can remember routines and commands. Squirrels have to remember where they put all of their nuts. Elephants are said to have excellent memories, spanning decades.

These are just a few off of the incredible list of traits that we, as humans, share with our animal friends. Animals are in no way identical to humans in any of these traits. They all do things their own way. Certain similarities are there that make us take a closer look, but after all, we are different. What matters the most is how we treat each other. Even animals understand that kindness shown, is kindness received.

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