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Amazing White Peacock


Peacocks are some of the most breathtaking animals on the planet. When they fan out their colorful tail they beckon, “Feast your eyes upon my plumage”! Most people are accustomed to seeing the Indian Blue peacock, known for its impressive tail with brilliant colors. The white peacock; however, is equally as beautiful with a plumage of white feathers that look like an elegant lace current.

The males are called peacocks, the females are called peahens, and the term peafowl is used to refer to both genders. The display of the male plumage is usually only seen during the mating ritual where the peahens will judge the males based on this display.

White peacocks are often referred to as albino; however this is a common misconception. Albino characteristics of animals and birds include a complete lack of color and red or pink eyes. The White peacock has blue eyes and their white feathers are a result of a genetic variant of the pigment and structures of the feather. The chicks are born yellow and become white as they age; their skin is a pinkish color.


There is a wide color variation today of the peafowl due to breeding in captivity. One can see white, a combination of white and the traditional Indian blue coloration that is normal except for certain white parts on the under side of the bird, and spots under the chin and back shoulder that are sprinkled with black spots.

As beautiful as these birds are, their temperament is very unpredictable. They have been known to be pretty feisty. They will try and escape pens, and peck and kick any one who tries to touch them! So they are pretty to look at, but not for touching. The male peacocks have a rather annoying braying call, which is so loud it can be heard from miles away.

Beautiful birds indeed but some people believe that seeing a white peacock will bring happiness, and I have to agree. Seeing some of the rare beauty in nature is always a real treat, just admire from a safe distance.


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