Amazing Blue Parrot Fish


The beings that have been discovered in the ocean never cease to amaze me.  Sea creatures can be intriguing, beautiful, and downright horrifying all at the same time.  This very interesting fish is a blue parrot fish, not only are they only uniformly blue species of fish currently known of, it even appears to be flashing a cute little grin.

I think that parrot fish is grinning because he knows just how crazy unique and interesting he is. There are over 80 species of parrot fish living in the tropical reefs all around the world’s oceans today.  They keep scientists on their toes for many reasons.

First of all, parrot fish come in just about every color you can imagine. They can be pretty much any color in the rainbow, and some even are a rainbow.  Even more interesting is that they can change color throughout their life time, like the chameleon of fish.  And not only do they change color during life time, they also change gender repeatedly throughout their life time…so chameleon transgender fish if you will.


Next are their teeth.  They actually have teeth in their throats.  These teeth are used for grinding up coral and extracting the algae rich polypops on the inside.  They spend about 80% of their day munching away on coral, and create tremendous amounts of ground up coral, which accounts for most of the sand in the areas that they live.

Finally, these fishes like to put on some good ol’ pjs when they go to sleep.  In order to protect themselves from nocturnal predators some species of parrot fish will envelope themselves in a mucus “cocoon”.  This is thought to mask their sent, camouflaging them in the dark sea.

The brilliant colored parrot fish is fascinating both on the inside and out, just one more reason to respect and cherish our vast oceans.


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Scarus Coeruleus — Blue Parrotfish Facts And Photos


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