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Adorable Bouncing Lamb


It’s nearly impossible to watch this joyful little lamb bounding all about and not have a smile on your face! Seeing animals happy and carefree is a sweet reminder to stop and enjoy the little things in life. If this little guy wasn’t cute enough bouncing all about on his own, he actually does it when his name is called!

This is Winter the lamb, whose hopping skills have made him an internet sensation. Winter was found when he was one day old, cold weak and nearly dead. He and his twin were taken in by a caring woman name Shannen Hussien; sadly the twin didn’t make it. Clearly, Winter was raised in a loving home that fostered happiness; now fully grown Winter will still bounce cheerfully when his name is called.

I’m certainly not the only one who finds this little guy irresistible. When the video was posted on August 25, 2014 it had 700,000 views and over 16,000 likes in four days! Today Winter has arrived at stardom; with his videos being viewed over 10 million times.


It’s no wonder that with the right parenting this little lamb really showed behavior more like a dog. Sheep are often considered to be unintelligent animals, but this is not the case. Sheep are in fact quite intelligent, curious and social creatures. They have a high IQ and have been said to be as clever as pigs. They are also sensitive and emotion creatures, usually you can tell what mood the sheep is in by the position of their ears, or in Winter’s case by how much hopping is going on.

A human’s kindness and compassion toward a dying animal not only brings life to the animal’s physical body, but it can breathe life into their innocent souls. Thanks to Shannen and her adorable lamb Winter, we can all get our daily smiles in, and hopefully add a little “bounce” to our step.

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