Yelling Sea Lion

Yelling Sea Lion

The man yelling sea lion. That’s at least what it sounds like. It looks like the sea lion is yelling for attention. Sea lions also bark at night. Why do they make all of these sounds? Well the stellar sea lions roar. This roar is what the yelling sounds like. The majority of sea lions bark. They bark because that’s just how their vocal chords are designed, just like dogs.

This bark is used to communicate but also to threaten other males and show their dominance over them. Females and pups use certain sounding barks. This is very helpful if a mother and daughter get lost. A mother can locate her pup among hundreds of others physically identical pups just by their vocals. I personally would like to think that they are yelling at the humans because they’re hungry and want food. That’s unfortunately not the case, I’m afraid to say.

If you’re at a zoo and see the sea lions barking or yelling, they’re probably hungry, or they feel threatened by someone. Another reason could be they’re just fed up with being contained in a cage. Granted there aren’t any whales or great white sharks that are in the zoo that could have a sea lion for dinner. I’m sure that’s probably the only plus of being locked up in an animal Alcatraz. If you happen to bring a cooler with you think of the sea lions when you’re at the zoo and bring a couple, lake caught fish for them to chow down on. They would more than likely love you for the rest of the five minutes you would be standing their. The zoo would most likely frown upon it but hey you’re making sea lion dreams come true.

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