The Phelps Walrus

The Phelps Walrus

A walrus training for the Olympics. Well it’s probably not actually training for the Olympics, it is however, doing some pretty intense exercises for such a large animal. Amazing really to not only teach such a large animal to toss its flippers in the air, to do crunches and or to do up and down push ups. It’s even more incredible that walrus doesn’t bum rush and shove you into the water for trying to have it play these silly games.

The average walrus can weigh around four thousand pounds and span almost twelve feet in length. They spend half their lives on land and the other half in water. These animals are able to dive down two hundred and sixty feet into the ocean and can hold their breath for up to thirty minutes. That would even give Michael Phelps a run for his money. It would be extremely entertaining to see a race between the Olympic gold medalist and a walrus, splashing to the finish line. I am sure he could pick up a few swimming pointers and even some work out moves from one of these big lugs.

The walrus is an amazing mammal and can move quite swiftly for it’s size. Flopping in and out of the water like a giant boat and being able to remember everything that us humans feel the need to teach them is quite impressive. Sure they won’t go down in the history books as the cutest animals but they will always be remembered for their funny quirks. If anyone passes by Michael Phelps or has his number on speed dial send him the link to this video. I’m sure he’ll find the humor in it and possibly his next challenge doing push ups right in front of him.

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