The Awkwardness of Giraffes

Whenever a giraffe comes to mind, I always picture it’s long neck and the little knobs on it’s head. I know that they also have long legs with knobby knees, but I guess I always thought that their necks would make up for the distance to the ground. It seems unfair that they would have such long necks, but still be unable to easily reach the water.

The Awkwardness of Giraffes

Giraffes are the tallest of any mammal running the earth. To give you a little clue of how tall they are, I’ll tell you that just their legs alone, are taller than some people. These knobby kneed, long gangly legs can be six feet tall. This makes giving birth, quite interesting! Giraffes do this standing up, so little newborn baby has a six foot drop into the world.

Their necks too, are around six feet long. If only they were a few feet longer, to make up for that body length. Then they would have an easier time getting water. These slender looking creatures are actually quite massive, if you consider that their necks, alone, weigh 600 pounds! They must have some epically strong neck muscles.

Their body design makes it super easy to get those prime leaves, at the top of the tree, that noone else has touched. Giraffes eat hundreds of pounds of leaves, every week. They continuously travel, to find enough food.

It’s probably a good thing that Giraffes get a lot of their water intake, through the plants they eat. Since, drinking water puts them at their greatest disadvantage for predators to hone in on. Due to the length of their legs, they have to spread them awkwardly in order to lean over. This makes easy prey for those lazy lions.

Luckily, Giraffes only have to put themselves in this position once every several days. That’s all the water they require. So, although it’s funny to watch them so awkwardly drink water, remember that this is probably a very stressful, high alert situation for them. There may likely be a lion, lurking by.

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