T-rex vs Alligator

T-rex vs Alligator

There’s no way an alligator can take on a T-rex. Didn’t the dinosaurs, allegedly, go extinct millions and millions of years ago? In some freak ice age scenario. At least that’s what the movies with the woolly mammoths have lead us to believe. The one with the saber tooth tiger and that darn ugly little sloth. Well maybe he’s a little cute but for the most part he’s ugly and clumsy. Now, in the height of all excitement is an epic showdown! A vicious alligator against a real life T-rex, well sort of. The T-rex happens to be a blow up Halloween costume controlled by none other than a human. A human doing, of course, some type of retarded stunt that will inevitably only end horribly.

Am I the only one sitting back going why would you even mess with an alligator? Even the stunt people that sit on them or put their hands in the mouths of an alligator, blow my mind. Like, it’s an ALLIGATOR! That would scare all the hair right off my body and I’d go screaming like a little girl, being chased by a boy who has classroom cooties. Their jaws are as long as my torso not to mention the rolling and giant tail flinging around behind them.

In this David vs Goliath tale or King Kong vs Godzilla, who would win? If a T-rex went up against, an obviously equal in size giant alligator and they clashed mercilessly. I think the alligator would be the victor. Quick swipes at the feet and clawing at the knees. I reckon we’ll never know. So for now we’ll just have to watch a poorly attempted cat and mouse fight. Let’s all send up a prayer that this guy doesn’t go full idiot and end up getting eaten.

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