Sphynx Cats

Seeing a cat running around without any fur is about the same as I imagine a chicken would look if it were plucked live and then allowed to roam free. With the obvious differences, of course. It just looks very unnatural, like a person walking around nude and owning it. It’s not something you often see, so you take notice.

Sphynx Cats

The history of this cat is a big jumbled genetic bingo, sort of situation. Hairless cats had been a hit and miss mystery, popping up every now and then in a normal litter of kittens. Breeders started collecting them to breed them together, and with furry cats as well. They matched up different physical and mental qualities until they found what they were looking for. Now we know them as the sphynx, or hairless cats, if you prefer.

Sphynx’s aren’t actually hairless, though they practically are. They have a fine layer of fuzz that covers their skin and makes them feel like suede. Since they don’t have the natural insulation that comes with having fur, they always feel warm to the touch. Which, they love by the way.

These funny looking felines are very affectionate. I’m sure the warmth that us humans radiate is quite nice for them. But, they absolutely crave the lovin’s. They’ve been known to act almost dog-like in their own outgoing way.

Sphynx’s do tend to be more oily to the touch, than their furry counterparts. The fur absorbs these oils, but since Sphynx cats are lacking this key thing, they have no way of controlling it. It’s necessary to bathe them every week to two weeks to reduce the oil spots on your furniture. Not having any hair in their ears causes them to have more earwax buildup, so they’ll need to be cleaned out before bath time, as well.

If you were thinking of getting one of these cats due to allergies, then you might want to reconsider. People tend to be more allergic to the saliva and natural oils of cats, than the actual hair. These guys have oil coming out of their ears, almost literally!

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