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Sleeping Bunnies

Sleeping Bunnies

Hahahahahaha! Okay, I know that isn’t a way to start an article but if there was ever a video I could relate to, it’s this. I love to sleep. Who doesn’t like to sleep?! I love to sleep. My wife loves to sleep. Hmmm, I lied my child doesn’t like to sleep, but he’s seven. What small child does like to sleep? As my mom always said, “You young kids are just full of piss and vinegar.” I don’t know how that applies to having a lot of energy. Neither one of those are good for you and they certainly don’t smell and or taste good. It’s an old saying so we might as well just carry on the tradition and let them have it.

This bunny is too adorable not to share. This little guy only sleeps on it’s back. Move it to the left or to the right and the bunny wakes up. If it goes on its back it’s done for. Out, no can do, done for good, sleeping until tomorrow. This bunny is so cute and adorable. I wish there was a farm, full of amazingly cute animals, that you could pet, cuddle or just love on all day. These little animals just want love. They want to be cared for and adored. They can’t speak to us or tell us what’s right or wrong. They just hope that some people in this vast world have some compassion. Sure some of us sleep on our sides, some of us sleep on our backs but most of us sleep, with the intent, that we’ll wake up with a world better than when we went to bed. Of course this isn’t always the case, but if we’re looking at the this video with this precious bunny, I think and so does it, that it just might be a possibility.

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