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Silkie Chickens

Silkie Chickens

I love chicken. Well I suppose there’s more to a chicken then just eggs and delicious Chinese food. I for one have never, in my life, heard of a silkie chicken. I didn’t even know these animals existed. At first I thought it was some sort of prank video and it was a cruel joke on the chicken. It’s 100% not a joke. I even went as far to do some googling and it’s the real deal.

It’s said these birds are an ancient Asian breed of chicken. Their called silkie because of their fluffy image which is said to feel like silk. These little fluffy winged animals have several other unique qualities. They have black skin and bones with white fur. Well not all of them have white fur but an unusual pairing to say the least. Most chickens only have four toes well these furry love buckets have five. There is probably an extra toe to help keep the balance of all the fur they have to pack around.

Silkies aren’t able to fly. They are often times used as pets and make fairly decent ones at that. Some silkies have been known to crave so much attention that they will sit ont their owners laps all day long. They do lay eggs just like normal chickens. The egg color usually depends on what breed of silkie chicken you have. In some areas of the world silkie meat is considered to be a delicacy. Restaurants treat it as such and certainly adjust their costs accordingly. Also some believe that the meat is said to have healing powers and have certain vitamins and ingredients in it. Whether this is true or not isn’t sure. The fact remains these are some seriously unique animals.

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