Picnic Bear

Picnic Bear

The interesting times of a bear. Sure, they can be vicious, mauling, face destroying creatures but every once in a while, they’re also adorable. How many times have you been at a park and seen a family enjoying a nice picnic? Maybe you went and had your own picnic. Now imagine a bear comes up to the table and sits down to eat his or her meal. No I don’t think this bear is having a five course meal. If it was me I’d probably crap my pants. You know the same creatures we were taught to play dead with as children. It’s a bear!
Here we see this bear, clear as day, sitting at the table enjoying a nice meal. I have a few thoughts on this video. One is, how did the bear learn to sit at this table? Did one day the little guy climb up there and waited to be served or was he taught? The second the question would be, is every meal that the bear has the same? Does he sit and wait to be served a five course meal or just a one and done. These are the things that I think about when I see a hilarious video like this. Tell me it’s all in fun and meant to be. Bears are amazing creatures. In captivity like zoo’s or in the wild. There is never a dull moment. So maybe they don’t always sit down for a picnic and maybe they aren’t always at the head of the table waiting to be served. They do however serve many purposes in life. So next time you’re at a family picnic or dinner raise a glass to the bear that is willing to join the family outing.

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