Momma’s Love

Written by Keenan Angel

Momma’s Love

A mother’s love. There isn’t anything in this world quite like it. It’s compassionate, kind, sweet and full of everything that we need in life. That love can’t be replicated and certainly can’t be duplicated. It’s a special bond between a mother and child. How could it not be? You’ve made another living thing, that is inside you for an extended amount of time and then gets brought into this world. It has some of the mother’s features and some of the father’s. The love that the mother has with her child is quite beautiful. A nurturing, kind-hearted and trusting love. As father’s, we aren’t able to love the same. It’s not that we don’t want to, or don’t love just as much, we just don’t have that bonding connection. A baby will always be a mother’s favorite joy to bring into the world. It’s a part of her heart walking around outside of her body. Watching that child grow, mature and turn into the special person that she tried to raise them to be. It’s not easy and there will be trial and error moments. There will also be moments of joy and happiness. Like this mother playing with her cubs in the snow. Letting them roll around on her even while she’s trying to sleep. She can’t get mad at them because she was probably just like that as child. Heck, she might have even been more naughty. She always has one eye open, watching them and making sure they’re safe. That’s just how moms are. Always keeping track and taking care of everyone. Next time you see your mom, give her a big hug and kiss and say thanks for being my giant momma bear of love.

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