Man’s Best Friend

Man’s Best Friend

Growing up I always had dogs. All of my friends had dogs. It seemed like having an animal was just part of childhood. Running around the yard, playing fetch with the dog, chasing the dog or often times the dog is chasing you. Their tongues are hanging out of their slobbering mouths flopping every which way. The best part is when you’ve been gone, anywhere from thirty seconds to all day, and their tales are wagging so fast it’s almost unrecognizable. If it’s a bigger dog they’ll come charging at you, full speed, and tackle you into the ground. Smaller dogs try the same technique but barely make a dent in your pant leg.

It’s amazing how much a love a dog has. They give and never expect anything back in return. If everyone thought that way this would be one amazing world. Love makes the world go round. I think animals have a huge part in that. They have certain senses of good and bad. They know when someone is pure in heart and when someone isn’t so trustworthy. It’s a gift that is hard to understand. It’s one that is amazingly beneficial and so amazing.

Dog kisses never grow old. Day or night, they always give their hearts to us. We need to remember to give them everything we’re capable of as well. We can’t match any amount of love they give but there isn’t any reason we should try. Everyone needs to go home to your puppy and let them tackle you. Let your dogs lick your faces all night long. Soak up all the love you can because that’s the most pure form of love that you’ll ever receive. Open your heart and let them overflow it.

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