Lazy Dogs

Written by Keenan Angel

Lazy Dogs

I think we can all agree, that the level of laziness has come to an all time high when you’re being dragged upside down, on the sidewalk, with a leash. The struggle is one hundred percent real at that point. Maybe your level of laziness is sleeping, all the time, truthfully that one isn’t a bad thing. Sleep is wonderful, especially the older you get. Naps are essential. What about when your dogs want to play with each other. Well, when you go full boneless and on your fellow brother so they have to drag you across the carpet with a toy, new level of laziness. Now that I think about it, it could be less laziness and more street smart. Harder for your opponent to win the tug o’ war. Sometimes you just need to tear your entire bed apart so you can find the right amount of fluff to lay down on and be lazy. Of course, if you’re starting to share your food with squirrels, yes squirrels, and you don’t have an ounce of will to say “no, that’s my food”, another new level of laziness. The height of all laziness, the pinnacle, top of the top, is laying in a pair of pants while your owner does his business. First of all you have to cope with the smell of the underwear, not to mention the smell of what is happening inside that bathroom. But there that dog lays, in the underwear, patiently and happily waiting. That’s what dogs do though. That’s how big their hearts are. They wait for their owners, no matter what the situation is. If they’re able to achieve full laziness in the process, then basically, it’s a win win.

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