Laser Cats

Laser Cats

Cats shooting lasers out of their eyes?! No, not quite. Ok, how about cat’s with a laser gun strapped to their fricken’ head blasting fricken’ laser beams man, like in Austin Powers Gold member except these aren’t sharks. Still no to that statement also. So then what is it? It’s cats chasing lasers on the walls, floors, ceilings, maybe out the windows, on furniture and pretty much anywhere else imaginable.

Cats love lasers. Almost as much as they like laying around doing nothing. They like the lasers because of the movement. Instead of being a stationary toy they’re actually able to chase something. For the cat it looks like real moving prey. It puts the thrill into a hunt without the bloody mess at the end of it all. Clean happy and safe. Some videos cats are jumping into walls and falling off furniture trying to capture the ever alluding red dot. I’m sure a few to many cat lovers may call it cruel and unusual punishment but for me it’s quite entertaining. No one ever gets hurt and them damn cats sure have on giant hay day trying to paw at that light.

If you have a cat at home I would highly recommend purchasing a cheap laser pointer. It’s quality entertainment and is a good work out for the cat. If you’re a cat mom or dad and have a whole heard, this might not be the best idea. Quite possible a kitty cat world war could break out and that’s not good for anyone. Work and life is sometimes rough and if you’re in a spot like that go out a purchase a solid five dollar investment. It’ll end with a good chuckle and an even better nights sleep for the both of you.

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