Kangaroo Moves

Kangaroos are incredibly fascinating in the way that they move. They look almost unreal when they lift themselves up on their tails like that. Wouldn’t it be great if humans had tails that could support our body weight. We could accomplish crazy things.

Kangaroo Moves

Having feet so very long, makes it nearly impossible for kangaroos to move their feet independently in order to walk. The only time they are able to move their feet separately, is when they’re swimming. I suppose those great big feet would make good paddles. Of course, hopping is what they do best.

Kangaroos are the only large animal that get around by hopping. It’s a very interesting form of transportation, but they do it so expertly. They are the experts, after all. They can cover nearly 25 feet in a single jump, which would be about the length of a full size truck. Their average speed is around 20 mph, but they can get up to about 35 when they really get moving. They also can reach heights of 6 feet during a jump.

When kangaroos want to move slowly, they’ll put their tails and front legs on the ground and lift their back legs, moving them forward in a funky sort of crawl. This is due to not being able to walk. They’ve developed an alternate way of getting around in little increments. I imagine the first one to do this was considered a genius among his peers. Leader of the mob, which is what a group of kangaroos are referred to as.

When a male kangaroo is trying to insert dominance, or to win a mate, he will engage in a boxing match similar to those in this video. They will rock back onto their tails and throw in some powerful kicks along with the punches they toss around.

Maybe humans with big powerful tails wouldn’t be such a great idea after all. It would be a much more dangerous world. Also, it would make driving and walking around the house nearly impossible. We would be knocking everything over. We’ll leave the tails to the kangaroos, but we will continue to hop.

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