Hippo Helicopter

Hippo Helicopter

A family outting to the zoo sounds like a grand ole adventure. So many animals to look at and selfies to be shot in front of the cages. That is until you come upon the hippos. No, there isn’t anything wrong with hippos. They’re large but amazing creatures. Hippos have so many traits about them that I’m sure most people aren’t aware of. We’ll get into more detail on those later. The serious matter at hand is the helicopter. It’s not your average helicopter. In fact it’s located on the hippo. More specifically on it’s butt. The hippo’s tail is a poop flinging nightmare. Why do they start their engines up and fling excriment everywhere? Well it’s actually quite simple. Hippos are marking their territory. Just like dogs pee to mark theirs. Hippos use their tales to fling poop everywhere to create a greater circumference.

Hippos like to lay on the shoreline and catch rays. They’re often seen giving off a oily red substance which gives the assumption that they’re bleeding. The substance is actually a skin moisterizer and sunblock. Although hippos are short and stalky they can easily out run most humans. They can reach speeds up to almost twenty miles per hour. Most days are filled with grazing and eating. Hippos are able to eat up to one hundred and fifty pounds of food per night.

These animals are very unique and enjoyable to watch. They could have so much poop because they really are hungry hungry hippos. Just make sure if you see their tails beginning to spin you have an umbrella. Well at least run and take some cover. Having poop tossed on you is a good way to ruin any vacation day really quick.

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