Gorilla Walk

Written by Keenan Angel

Gorilla Walk

Gorillas are so neat. Scientist claim that gorillas are the closest animal related to humans. 98% of their DNA is identical to humans. They share some basic connections and do things in the same way. It isn’t very surprising that a gorilla would figure out how to have some man swag. That’s what this walk is going to be forever called, according to me. This gorilla does have the man sway down rather impressively. Gorillas are the largest living primates. They communicate using gestures, like body language, sounds and slapping their chests. Some gorillas are so intelligent that they’ve been taught sign language and are able to communicate with humans by using it. Most gorillas walk using their legs and knuckles. It seems though, this one has taken a back seat to that nonsense and found that walking, standing up, is much more efficient. They are over six feet tall and weigh up to five hundred pounds. They’re herbivores and don’t eat meat. They can devour up to fifty pounds of food each day. They can live in the wild up to thirty-five years and in captivity up to fifty years. Male adults are called silverbacks. They have this name because the hair on their backs turns from black to grey. It’s more likely a sign of maturity than anything else. Gorillas are currently an endangered species, but if they keep jumping on the evolutionary ladder it won’t be to long until we have a planet vs apes situation. Okay, that might be jumping the gun a little or I watch too many movies. When gorillas began to learn sign language and walk standing up, it does make one cock their head and question things for a split second.

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