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Goat Bleats

These crazy goats are hilarious. I wasn’t aware they were capable of making such sounds until I saw this. It gives me a whole new respect for the funky looking things. Any animal that can sound so very human is a thing of wonder in my opinion.

Goat Bleats

Well it turns out that it is not only goats who can make human sounding noises. Sheep are also among the “belt it out like a human” crowd. But mostly it depends on the individual. Not all goats, or sheep for that matter, can make this human-like yell. Every goat has their own unique “voice” just like humans do. Some are just lucky enough to catch our attention by hollering in amusing ways.

Those who take care of goats don’t seem to find the hilarity in these crazy calls. To them, this is an every day occurrence and it doesn’t deserve any special kind of acknowledgement. Which is understandable, nobody likes getting yelled at. Especially when the animals you are caring for might sound just like your boss. To the rest of us though, who haven’t spent much, if any, time around goats it is a thing of awe.

The heart of the matter is, goats will bleat for many different reasons. If they think they are about to be fed they’ll scream to let the world know. They will also call out to warn the others of impending danger such as a predator or just to let the others know there is food. They will always bleat for food. Also, Mama goats will yell to communicate with their children. Sometimes they just like to yell for absolutely no reason at all.

So, the phenomenon of goats yelling just like humans is really not as special as it may seem. It’s still highly amusing and great for a laugh, but it is a very normal occurrence.

You can rest assured, it really was that goat yelling “hey” and not the creepy guy standing next to it.


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