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Flying Sugar Gliders

Flying Sugar Gliders

Sugar gliders are a very unique animal. Looking sort of like a mouse but they actually derive from the kangaroo and wombat families. Australia, Indonesia and New Guinea is where they’re originally from. Buggy eyes and small opposable fingers and toes make you want to cuddle them right up. Yes, I did say opposable just like a humans hand. Sugar gliders never grow up to bigger than about the size of your palm. They’re named from there adorning love of sugar and obviously there ability to glide. When in flight they can glide up to one hundred and fifty feet, stretching their arms and legs out, looking almost like a wingsuit. You know, one of those bat wing suits, you see people jumping off of cliffs and flying towards the ground wearing.

Sugar gliders have pouches, just like kangaroos, they carry their babies around in for sixty to seventy days. After that period the little baby gliders, also known as joeys, are able to survive on their own. Sugar gliders spend almost their entire live either in trees or in the air, almost never setting foot on the ground. If thinking of purchasing one as a pet there are a few things that certainly need to be made clear. They require A LOT of work. Gliders can be very vocal and bark just like dogs. Needing fresh fruit and insects daily they also need a larger cage or to be let out so they can roam and glide around. They do require a rather long bonding time and definitely can’t be left with a neighbor if going away for the weekend.

All things taken in to consideration, they are cute, adorable and can be some of the most loving pets you’ll ever own. If you don’t plan on buying one and are like me, I’ll stick to the YouTube videos, we can get all the cuteness we need right there.

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