Fainting Goats

Fainting Goats

You roll up on a innocent little goat and scare the fur right off of it. Yelling, arms flailing and eyes wide open type of scare. Now, any other goat would probably buck or kick at you. Heck they may even huff and puff and blow you down. Wait, that was the big bad wolf. I sometimes seem to get my fairy tales confused. Anyways, where was I, oh yes the evil goats. Most regular goats would not have any part of that. You will now be introduced to the “Fainting Goats”. Yes, you read that correctly, fainting goats. If you want to get scientific about the who thing it’s actually called a myotonic goat. If you startle or scare this goat it will in fact fall right over and faint. It’s neck, legs and entire body stiffen right up and down it goes.

I’ll tell you a secret, the goat doesn’t actually faint. Nor does the whole stiffening process hurt the goat in any way. The animals usually stay awake and then bounce back up after about fifteen to twenty seconds once the stiffness goes away. Most of these goats are bread for meat and milk but some people keep this funny animals as pets. I’m sure it’s more for entertainment reasons than to actually have them as a pet. These goats aren’t very good at jumping or climbing. No need to worry about them running off or escaping. God forbid a leaf blows in front of them and they suddenly faint. The fainting goats probably have a hay day at Halloween. If you’re on the prowl for a pet these are available. I’m not sure how great of a pet they would make but it’s worth looking in to. If not, just get a dog! 🙂

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