Cookie Thief

Cookie Thief

It’s not an easy thing to do, speaking the truth. Sometimes telling the truth really hurts. Honesty is always the best policy. It’s so much easier to tell a lie than it is to admit the brutal truth. Being able to mull over doing the right thing, is something that expands to humans and animals alike. It would seem that this brother may have set a world record. He may have ratted his sister out in the quickest time ever recorded. I don’t think he even tried to think about possibly not giving her up. The sister knew she was guilty too. She didn’t even try to deny it or down play that she had stolen the cookie. Hopefully it was a delicious, fresh out the oven, still warm sugar cookie. It’s quite hilarious how many times he gave her up. The mom asked three times and each of time he didn’t even second guess narcing on her. The last time she asked, I think the brother swatted his sister on the head at least four times. Just so everyone knew it wasn’t him that robbed the cookie. In his mind there was still a chance that he might be able to get a treat for being so honest. Even in a dogs brain, honesty can go a long ways. Of course he wants to stay true to his sister, but if he can be the good boy, he’s jumping on the opportunity. In the end if you have a cookie on the table and you aren’t going to eat it right away, be careful, your dog just might try and score it first. Dogs are crafty and quite sneaky, so keep an eye out in the kitchen area.

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