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Capybara Shake


Capybara Shake

We have all seen animals shake. They’re obviously wet and are trying to dry off. Now seeing a grown adult do this, although would be greatly entertaining, wouldn’t be nearly as cute. This is no normal animal, and not just any run of the mill shake, it’s a Capybara shake. They’re native to South America, preferring wetter climates, such as Brazil and Venezuela. They are able to stay under water for at least five minutes and have webbed feet which makes swimming around incredibly more simple. If we are giving the award to most sophisticated and professional of shakes, it would have to go to the Capybara. They live in groups around ten to thirty with life spans around eight to ten years. These animals eat mainly grass but every now and again they delve in to the plant world. During the course of any day they consume somewhere between six to eight pounds of grass. You heard me right, six to eight pounds, each and every day. Capys are the largest rodents on Earth. Fully grown they are four feet long and can weigh up to one hundred and fifty pounds. Capys hang around in shallow water during the blistering hot days to keep themselves cool. Feeding time for them usually comes later in the even during dusk. If being attacked by a predator which can ranger anywhere from humans to jaguars the, Capybara, hightails it for the water. The water really is their go to source for everything they do. If need be they can sleep under water for a whole evening while keeping their snouts out above the water. So the next time you see a dog frolicking through the sprinkler or a cat screech out of the water, just remember the funny shaking Capybara.

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