Buffalo Kisses

Written by Keenan Angel

Buffalo Kisses

This video probably doesn’t best represent buffalo. It doesn’t even showcase how massive and powerful these animals really are. It is however a funny and interesting showcase of buffalo. These animals aren’t always so friendly and gentle. Sometimes they can be downright aggressive and mean. This is the first video I’ve come across, where a buffalo is actually interacting and being nice with a human. That’s not to say it doesn’t happen all the time, but it’s few and far between.

Buffalo are North America’s largest land animal. Most male buffalo weigh up to 2,000 pounds and females can climb up to 1,000 pounds. Buffalo can stand up to six feet tall and almost thirteen feet long. A buffalo’s hump is made up of all muscle. It allows them to plow through the snow using their head. They are herbivores, which means, they are, for the most part, grass eaters. Year round they feed off of the land. That doesn’t mean that occasionally, given the right ingredients, they won’t come up to a vehicle and take a bite or two of some fresh down-home cooking.

The key is being careful around them. They’ve been known to ram cars and even flip cars over. Sure we aren’t talking about any vehicles the size of tanks but regular cars have been beaten up pretty good. Also, if you’re exploring a park with buffalo, do not approach them. They’ve been known to charge and kill people. It happens every year, but there are those certain tourists that do not want to believe the warning labels. If you’re driving through Yellowstone or some other National Park in the coming years, know that buffalo, although amazing creatures and beautiful to look at, can be very dangerous.

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