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Barking Squirrel

Barking Squirrel

Chirping and barking. Yipping and yapping. No, it’s not a dog. This animal is far from a dog. It’s a pest. It brings horrors upon my mornings and doesn’t let me get any extra rest even if I curse it’s name. It’s an outdoor dweller and it wakes me up in the summer mornings. Curiosity is setting in and your trying to rack your mind over what it could be. Let me tell you exactly what this yapping demon is. It’s a squirrel! You read this right, a squirrel. I have a demon squirrel in my neck of the woods. He comes out in the wee hours of the morning and barks. When I let my dogs out in the morning so they can take their morning potty…he barks. This squirrel acts as if it’s his land. He owns this neighborhood. No one comes in or out without his consent…or at least he thinks so. This is what a I deal with on a morning basis. I didn’t even know squirrels could yip or bark. Yet there he sits, every morning, high up in the tree, snapping at my dogs while they’re outside.

This squirrely thinks he’s cute. He thinks he is oh so clever. Let me warn you, he’s not. His time is coming and his days are numbered. I’m not saying he’s going to die but I am saying he’s going to get a stern warning to silence his yapping trap. My dogs are trying to be good and take care of their business and this instigator in the tree is making it difficult. This is war Mr. Squirrel. Beware of the war path you choose. I will not go silently in to that dark night. I will not fall at the claws of the squirrel.

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