Baby Kitty Cry

There’s something about a tiny, helpless, baby kitty that just pulls at my heartstrings. I watched this video around my cats and they all came over to see if these little kittens were ok. Even other cats can’t resist that baby kitty cry.

Baby Kitty Cry

Cats are born with both their eyes, and their ears, completely sealed shut. Imagine coming into the world blind and deaf, that would be such a terrifying and confusing experience. So, it’s no surprise that they make a lot of noise when they arrive.

About eleven years ago I took in a stray, pregnant cat. I lived in an apartment complex with maybe a hundred apartments that all looked exactly the same. She just happened to chose the right entryway to rest in. I only intended to feed her, but ended up keeping her the rest of her life.

When I found her she looked like she was ready to pop. But, she surprised me by almost doubling her already rotund size. I was awakened in the middle of the night, by that sweet newborn kitten squeak.

They squeak non-stop as they bob their oversized heads and wiggle their tiny legs, looking for Mama. Then there’s silence, as they find what they were looking for.

Just like with newborn human babies, a kitten’s voice will change as it matures. There’s no mistaking the sound of a newborn baby, human or feline. They develop quickly, though. Blink and you’ll miss it.

I still have two of the four kittens that were born under my bed. They both have different sounding voices. I can tell which one is talking to me without even looking. It’s an amazing thing to experience the change from a newborn kitten, into a full grown cat. But that baby kitty cry, will forever make me smile.

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