Dalmatian Puppies and their Spots

Just four off from fifteen, these adorable puppies remind me of that lovable movie that many of us have grown up loving. There are probably some people out there who have never seen Disney’s, 101 Dalmatians. Therefore, they may not know that Dalmatian puppies are born without their spots. This was a huge deal for the villainess in this movie, who needed puppies with spots for her fur skin coat.

Dalmatian Puppies and their Spots

Dalmatians are almost always born pure white, with no spots in sight. They stay little white fuzz balls for a couple of weeks until their spots start to become pronounced. When they come in they can be anywhere from dime sized to half dollar sized; smaller on their legs, tail and head. They continue to acquire more spots as they grow into full sized dogs, with their own unique pattern.

Where the Dalmatians spots come from is somewhat of a mystery. This may be partly due to the mystery of the origin of Dalmatians themselves. They’ve been around for centuries, but no one knows where they were first.

Almost all Dalmatian puppies are born completely white, but there are those who are the exception to the rule. The genetically ‘flawed.’ These uniquely beautiful puppies are born with dark colored patches. Usually, they are on the head; around an ear or an eye. Sometimes these puppies get patches on their bodies, too.

These puppies are rejected in shows and in the Dalmatian breeding community. These dark patches are known as ‘breed faults’ and will disqualify them, as they do not meet the breed standard. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these patchy pups. They are just not likely to be breeding material, due to their genetic malformation that incidentally makes them outstandingly, adorable.

In some instances Dalmatian puppies that are born pure white will never get spots. They will stay pure white their whole lives.

The villainess in the movie did find out that they would get their spots, that’s why she stole them from their family. Some of those puppies had big patches on them. I wonder if she realized that they were not up to the breed standard. If she did, it must not have mattered. She was just an evil woman.

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